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Major characteristics of lobe pump 
Lobe Pump has an extensive application in a variety of mediums and can be used associated facility for many machines: 
In principle,application of Lobe pump is not restricted by physical or chemical properties of mediums,thus Lobe pump has been widely used in a variety of industries.Namely toiletries,cosmetics,foodstuffs,beverage,fruit juice,chemical,condiment and candy etc. 
Lobe pump for materials with high viscosity: 
Our Lobe pump is a kind of positive displacement.It is featured by low rotary speed,high torque, high temperature resistance,and these features enable Lobe pump to achieve convey in materials with high viscosity at high temperature.In addition,the Lobe pump would ensure that the physical properties of materials conveyed remain unchanged throughout the conveying process.Viscosity of medium that  can be conveyed by the pump is ad high as 1,000,000CP 
Lobe pump for materials with low viscosity: 
Our Lobe pump is also very effective in conveying mediums that are relatively low in viscosity,especially in the condition that a low viscosity,especially in the condition that a low viscosity medium is required to be conveyed consistently.The drive system,equipped with our rotary pump,would be able to operate at a higher speed with a constant flow rate. 
Sanitary Lobe Pump: 
Parts in contact with materials are all made of stainless steel which is corrosion resistance,meeting the sanitary requirements,such as foodstuff .beverage,medicine,chemical,toiletries and cosmetics,etc. 
Lobe Pump with thermal jacketed structure: 
Our Lobe pump can be optionally equipped with thermal jacketing feature,to ensure that conveyed material be maintained at a constant temperature.This is catered  for materials that tend to solidify at low temperature. 
Nearly without any wearing parts: 
As all the moving parts are not in direct contact during the operation of Lobe Pump(with an exception of mechanical seals).Parts that are in contacted with materials conveyed are made of stainless steel.Our Lobe Pump can withstand temperature as high as 200℃. 
Double mechanical seal for water flushing and cleaning convenient: 
We also supple double mechanical seals meant for easy water flushing and cleaning.The mechanical seals surface are lubricated and continuously cooled operation,this would remove impurities on the mechanical seals,thus improve the sealing effect. 

Applications Area 
Consumer chemicals:AES,LAS,AOS,K12,glycerol,sorbitol,fatty alcohol,bathing shampoo,skin cream,shampoo,detergent liquid,toothpaste soap,washing power slurry,etc. 
Refined Chemicals:Dyestuffs,pigments,all kinds of pulp,chemical additives,adhesives.silicone oil,leather oil,a variety of colloidal materials,etc. 
Foods:Chocolates,concentrated milk,yoghourt,honey,syrup,cane sugar,tomato juice,concentrated juice,,jam,ice cream,,ilk,yeast slurry,meat slurry,jelly,condiment,lees,soybean protein,flour slurry,etc. 
Paper making:Polyacrylamide,calcium carbonate,starch paste,carboxyl starch paste,rosin,rosin size,paper pulp,filling,dry strength agent,wet strength agent,sizing agent,filtering agent,antifoaming agent.spreading,water treatment chemicals,etc. 
Chemical fiber:Pectic slurry,PVS,vinylon slutty,acrylic slurry,ammonia slurry,polyester slice,terylent,polypropylene finer,rayon,functional fiber,etc. 
Pharmaceuticals:liniments,extractum,medicine latex,pill paste,syrup,heathcare products,drugs, etc. 
Coating:Paint,dope,printing link,insulating paint,resin,additives and assistants,organic solvent,etc.