Candy Machine
Jelly Candy Machine
Jelly Candy Machine
Jelly Candy Machine
Jelly Candy Machine
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This Jelly/soft Candy Processing Line is an advanced Plant for producing various shapes and colors of jelly candy. It is an ideal equipment for continuous production of high quality candy (QQ candy), such as single /double-color QQ candy. By replacing the mold of the depositing head, it can produce jelly candy of high quality, various shapes and different colors. It can automatically blend the essence, pigment, acid liquor in accurate quantity ratio. High-degree automation ensures of stable production and saves time, labor force and occupation to serve the purpose of reducing the cost.


Flow Chart ( Jelly Candy Production Line )
Sugar Melting->Sugar Storage-> Vacuum micro-film->  Cooling
Depositing->   De-moulding->   Cooling->   Packing


Contents and Main Usage (Standard):
1. Sugar Melting Pot: For melting sugar material and keeping temperature.
2. Syrup Storage Tank: For Storing syrup and Filtering pure syrup.
3. Depositing Machine: It is the main part of this line, it forms various kinds of soft candy by using different molds.
4. Cooling Cabinet: For cooling candy before packing, let candy in shape.


Features(Jelly Candy Production Line):
1. Drive: Servo type
2. PLC controller
3. Molds: 280pcs for one capacity 150kg/h (Aluminum alloy with Teflon Coating)
4. Motor: ABB brand.
5. Material: Stainless steel
6. Heating type: Steam or electricity


Candy Type:
Jelly Candy, Soft Candy, QQ Candy, Gummy Candy,

















Photos for Candy machine:

Jelly Candy MachineJelly Candy Machine


Candy sample:


Jelly Candy MachineJelly Candy MachineJelly Candy MachineJelly Candy Machine