Candy Machine
Milk Candy Machine
Milk Candy Machine
Milk Candy Machine
Milk Candy Machine
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Flow Chart
Melting Sugar->Storage->Cooking/aeration-> Cooling-> Extruding and Jam filling->Rope Sizer->Conveyor->Chained Forming->Swing discharge->Cooling Tunnel->Packing

Contents and Main Usage (Standard):
1. Sugar Melting Pot: For melting sugar material and keeping temperature.
2. Syrup Storage Tank: For Storing syrup and Filtering pure syrup.
3. Continuous cooking Machine: For heating, concentration, air-inflation, agitation and evenly-blend.
4. Cooling :Milk Candy Machine For cooling candy
5. Extruder: For Squeezing out raw material
6. Jam Pump: For measuring jam and centering--filling to the candy
7. Rope Sizer: to let it be uniform.
8. Chained Forming machine: Forming candy in Chain style
9. Swing discharger: distributing candies into piece by piece.

1. PLC controller
2. Motor: ABB brand.
3. Material: Stainless steel
4. Heating type: Steam or electricity

Candy Type:
Milk Candy


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Milk Candy Machine

Candy sample:
Milk Candy Machine