Packing Machine
Pillow Type Packing Machine
Pillow Type Packing Machine
Pillow Type Packing Machine
Pillow Type Packing Machine
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Pillow Packing Machine
1.Suitable for all kind of solid state,such as bread ,cake,candy,hardware etc.
2.Touch screen for simple operation.

Scope of application:
Suitable for Pillow Type Packing Machine biscuits, packaging of all kinds of objects with regular solid state, such ,as bread ,speed wheaten food, moon ,cake ,candy ,medicines, daily necessities, five metal spart, paper carton or the tray , etc

Features (Pillow Type Packing Machine):
Compact structure, stable function and simple operation.
Double frequency converter controller,length of package will cut immediately once setting, adjustment needless, saving time and film.
Dependent temperature PID controlling suitable for various materials of packaging menbrane.Position stop function, no adhesive and no waste of membrane.
Clean rotation system,Pillow Type Packing Machine more reliable operation and more convenient maintenance.
All the controlling operates by the software,convenience for function adjustment and technical up grading.

Packing Speed 600~900per/minute
Length: 12~32mm
Width: 12~26mm
Thickness: 6~20mm
Drive Motor 2.80KW
Cellophane, PVC, Polyropilene, waxed paper, PET, CPP, BOPP+CPP, compound material etc.
Net Weight of
the machine
Packing Machine
Length: 2950mm, Width:480mm, Height: 370mm

Pillow packing machine sample:
Pillow Type Packing Machine

Packing style Sample

Pillow Type Packing Machine