Cake Machine
Semi Automatic Cake Machine
Semi Automatic Cake Machine
Semi Automatic Cake Machine
Semi Automatic Cake Machine
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Cake Production Line, adopting advanced technology from abroad and combined with traditional Chinese craft, has the baking ways such as gas burning, hot-wind circulation, and electricity heating. 
The Semi Automatic Cake Machine cake the line made is fresh and tender, soft in taste and uniform in color.

Semi-automatic equipments adopt hot-wind rotary oven to bake.


Flow Chart:
Mixing->Forming-> Baking->Cooling->Cream Filling->Sterilization->Packing


Contents and Main Usage:
Mixer: Using for Stirring powder material completely.
Cake Forming Machine: Adopts computer programming and air cylinder as the power, with photoelectric tracking, squeezed out automatically and accurately.
Rotary Oven: gas /electricity/diesel energy for baking available
Cooling conveyor: natural cooling
Cake Filling Machine: for chocolate/cream injecting into the center of cake.     
Sterilization: after cooling or filling with cream, the cake will be irradiated by UV, kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms effectively, to keep the cake quality.
Packing Machine: various kinds of packing style for your choice.
Nitrogen Making Machine & Free Oil Air Compressor: inflate the nitrogen into the packing for extending the shift time to at least 6 months.


Gas, Diesel, Electric baking 
Cake Weight: from 10~70g/pcs
PLC controller


Cake Type:
Muffin, Cupcake, Custard Cake, Yolk Pie, Two pcs center filling cake, Madeleine etc


Semi auto: 100~500kg/hour,
Full auto: 500~1000kg/hour.


Photos for Cake Machine:

Semi Automatic Cake Machine



Cake Sample


Semi Automatic Cake Machine