Biscuit Machine
Soft Biscuit Machine
Soft Biscuit Machine
Soft Biscuit Machine
Soft Biscuit Machine
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This production Soft Biscuit Machine line, with high automaticity and stable quality, controlled by PLC, adopts quality materials, and its part that touch flour is made of Stainless Steel 304. Commissioning and Training will be conducted by our senior technician, and the best technology formula will be also provided. Our biscuit Soft Biscuit Machine production line can produce all kinds of top-grade hard and soft biscuits in fashion.

Soft Biscuit Machine Flow Chart:
Mixer->  Forming->  Baking->  Sugar Spreading->Oil Sprayer->Cooling->   Stacking->   Packing

Contents and Main Usage (Standard):
1. Full Steel Dough Mixer: For stirring Dough and water together, it also can be used for other material food.
2. Soft Biscuit Forming Machine: depends on different molds, this machine can form different kinds of soft biscuit.
3. Tunnel Oven :
Baking Scope-- bread, cake, mooncake, biscuit, cookies, toast baguette and other kinds of similar baked food or snacks.
4. Sugar Spreading machine: it can spread sugar, salt, sesame, sliced peanut crisp on surface of biscuit, it will work out more different biscuit.
5. Oil Sprayer: Spraying eatable oil on surface of biscuit, develop its taste and quality.
6. Swerving machine: it can be used for cooling and saving factory space if there is not enough meters in length.
7. Biscuit Soft Biscuit Machine cooling and conveyor: For natural cooling and delivery for the next step of the production.
8. Stacking machine: After cooling ,this machine will Stack these cool biscuit in lines for packing ,for developing Packing efficiency
9. Packing machine: for Packing in bag in different style.

1. PLC controller
2. Material: all food touch part is Stainless steel 304, other parts can be customized.
3. Energy for baking Oven : gas ,electricity available
4. Motor and Electrical parts brand for your choice

Biscuit Type(Soft Biscuit Machine):
Soft biscuit, Walnut Biscuit,

Soft Biscuit Machine Capacity:








Capacity (kg/h)







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Soft Biscuit Machine