Chocolate Machine
Chocolate Depositing Line
Chocolate Depositing Line
Chocolate Depositing Line
Chocolate Depositing Line
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Chocolate depositing Machine adopt to the newest concept of chocolate forming process.Different kinds of crispy rice,expansion meters,grains,nuts and other fruit are allowed by the design.

According to your product requirement, we can also tailor different forms of moulding,high quality and variety of moulding equipment.

Single Head Chocolate Depositing Machine can be used for the production of single color, two colors (left and right) and pastes central filling chocolates. It has fully automatic functions of moulds pre-heating, depositing, moulds vibrating, cooling, de-moulding and conveying, and adopts PLC control system.
Technical Parameters:
Depositing Type: Pneumatic (AIRTAC)/ Servo Motor (DELTA)
Production Capacity(SPEED): 6-15 pieces of moulds/minute
Number of Moulds: 280 pieces
Moulds Size: 510*200*30mm
Machine length :14.7m
cooling tunnel layers : 10 ,termperature 5-10C
output products conveyor length : 2m
PU belt width :490mm
Contactor :Siemens
One material hopper (2 sides for 2 different chocolate pastes) with 1 water temperature control system
Material: Stainless steel machine frame, material hopper, depositing head, vibrating table and machine cover
Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases (able to customize)
Motor/Reducer: Dongba, breaker : Hengfu
Pneumatic Air Cylinder: AirTAC (5 pieces)
Temperature Controller mould: Delta
PLC and PLC control panel:Delta
sensor : Autonics ,
transducer (inverter): Delta
contactor :Siemens
Cooling System(refrigerator): Copeland 20Hp
Capacity (ton/class):0.4~1.5 , 0.4~1,  0.6~2.5 ,